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Join Us In Our Never Ending Journey

Into The Burning Lake Of Fire

Just Josh
17 March 1986
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People always look for words to describe themselves. I can't tell you what words to use, you have to find that out on your own.

People always look for things that define themselves. At least there I can give you a hand.

I listen to Heavy Metal music, I play Dungeons and Dragons, would prefer an RPG over an FPS on any day of the week, I like hockey (go Habs go!) and I don't drink.

What more do you want from me? The truth, well then, I got plenty of that. But do you want it, or are you going to hide in your uni-bomber style shack and be scared of it, living only in a world of lies fabricated by the media of today?

I have no reason not to hate people, what I need is a reason to like, or perhaps to care. Try me.....