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Jun. 6th, 2025


This is basically to filter out all those that I wish to have add me and to make sure no one I don't trust from other places get through.

Also, bonus points if you get the reference[s] behind the date. The month and day are one and the time is the other one. The other hint, it's all music references.

What I Have Seen Of The World Part 1

Once more I see this little old journal of mine has collected quite a bit of dust. Allow me to get that off of there.

*several Swiffer dusters later*

I basically am doing a few catch up entries to let people know what's going on, and to see who's still out there.

So what has Josh been doing since whenever I last updated? Well, it's quite a story. I'll split it up into different entries. That way I won't be bogging anyone down.

What I've been doing as of late Part 1Collapse )

That is the main storyline of what has happened. I'm going to try and fill in the gaps for everyone so they can get caught up.

Also, I have been reading your entries, making sporadic comments here and there. I'll be much better about it now, seeing how I'll be more active with these next couple of entries.
I know my sabbatical has been too long to bear with, but quite frankly, I need more time.

It doesn't help life just turned its back on me at this time. I don't wish to speak of it either. Enough people know that I wish didn't. But I will be back, hopefully in the next week, perhaps two, I can't really say.

I may feel like I'm alone, but I know there are a few people watching over me.....
So as per usual on this day, I like to get myself out there and throw down a post for all the nice people out there. Mostly because it's now tradition to do so. That, and I like getting the whole birthday cheer thing started on here.

Speaking of which, outside of myself, I know three others with the same birthday as mine. One being Jessica (who is really outdoing herself with a constant barrage of bar nights), Tim, who I haven't seen in ages, and last but not least, rdyfrde.

I would also like to say that in the next few days, you will expect the following;

-My trip to Hammerfall/Powerglove, complete with a full set list from both bands.
-Birthday Shenanigans from the event I have tomorrow
-A video game update, as I usually do
-Other fun things that will probably randomly sprout out at the last minute, just because they can.

But I feel sleep is in order, that is, after I read a few entires and do other things on the computer.....
Just getting a quickie in here (I sense someone doing a joke there...) while I can.

-Been playing a lot of video games as of late. My current obsession; Star Ocean II on the PSP.

-Powerglove/Hammerfall is on Friday, so I'm psyched for that to happen. Mostly for the VIP, but also because of the bands, and because it's a giant group going with me for once. Usually it's just myself plus one or two other people, or just a solo outing.

-Birthday is exactly 1 week away. That of course always makes me a happy camper, even though I'm not looking forward to a whole heck of a lot this year.

-Iron Maiden with Dream Theater on July 3rd! Tickets go on sale this Saturday, so I'll have to save money for that. (hopefully)

-I have been reading over all your entries. In fact, I've even commented on some of them. Go me!

I do have to get moving though. There are plans to be done, some of which we would rather not do, but that's the way she goes.....
I just want people to know that I'm taking a somewhat sabbatical from livejournal. Why? because my adapter finally died on me. So I will probably be on less until something gets fixed (ie. new lappy) So don't worry about me, I will be back, and I will try to get through your entries.....
Well, I am being good about posting it seems. Only three days have gone by since the last one, I'm kind of getting back into the mode I was once in.

I am trying to get some work in again. I was able to do up Thursday with it, but I couldn't be bothered to do it up on Friday. It's always because everyone wants me to show up to the bar on Thursday night and I come out drinking enough to be happy, but it puts me in a mood of sleep. You know what I mean? Although I did find it quite funny that there was an plan to get me out to the bar that night, cleverly named 'Operation; Get Josh to the Bar'. Although I don't like the fact we left at 11pm because the music started to suck. I'm not a big fan of going to leave early. The night led to a thing I've never done before, which surprised me greatly. I'm even told more is on the way.

Friday was a real clusterfuck for lack of a better term. Basically the plan was to return Tiffany's computer, go to the bank, possibly another place, then a free buffet. Oh boy, was I wrong. We go to return the computer and they are giving us such a hard time with this.

A little back story first. On Thursday, Tiffany got herself a laptop for 200 bucks, which is a damn good price. We get it back, it kind of works. Apparently, it powered off at random points, it was unable to connect to the internet and it had no sound card to speak of. We had that as enough ground to return it.

Now back to the store. They try it out and it works just fine. Wait, what? That can't be. It connects to the internet no problem and it says it's fully charged. The worst part? They are saying it's a final sale item, so no refunds. We leave with the laptop and as we get home, she forgets her purse. I'm fed up by this point and I'm out to go to the bank. I even wait for Tiffany, who decides to fight this to the end. I want no part of this, so I head to the bank and then get lunch. I get a call saying she got her money back thanks to her step dad. I'm a little relieved at this, enough to wait for Tiffany to continue our plans.

So after what seemed like half an hour of waiting, we finally meet up and I'm not nearly as upset that the plans were randomly changed on me. This then led to her bank, followed by a few hobby shops where we sadly didn't find anything worthwhile, despite me wanting the Barack the Barbarian comic. This led to Deja Vu, which again, was disappointing. Although the mall made more progress for us.

I actually found the only Nightwish CD I didn't own. Well, I consider it an EP because there's only four songs on it that are new, and the rest is live. But for 10 bucks, it was hard to argue. I did also try out that new band I keep hearing about named Mutiny Within. I wasn't blown away by them, but they were good. I didn't purchase it though, since I didn't think 17 bucks was right for a so-so band.

The rest of the mall led to Tiffany getting a very expensive field dress (I guess she needed to match my Queensryche field jacket) as well as me passing up shoes to buy Castlevania for the PSP. (I'm not arguing, it comes with Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night) This then led us to the free buffet. I have to admit, it wasn't much really. All I had was four chili dogs before they ran out of food. I was full but I would have liked to see more. Although, we did have a goo turn out when it comes to the group.

That night though, I was so dead when I hit the couch. I found wrestling on and just wanted to watch it. Surprisingly, no complaints for watching it. I think everyone was either too tired or stoned to care. I really wanted to watch, since I never get a chance to do so. This is because it's only through digital cable we get said channel, and the living room is the only spot with it. I could place it in my room, but I have a feeling it'll be messy. That, and I said I would watch Wrestlemania with Joe, which is something I never miss, even if I haven't been watching wrestling as of late.

Today is going to be the big clean up day. It's just me and Ben here, and we both declared we have to get down to business and do that up. I am kind of on a time limit with DnD at 8pm, but that should give me plenty of time to get things done. I have laundry for sure, as well as getting dishes done, followed by a full living room cleaning and finally, my room as well. Hopefully, this will all be done with enough time to get some video games in. If not, I know there's tomorrow.....
Terribly sorry about not posting when I said I would. I did have a hard time sitting down and finding the time to do such a thing.

As for the last entry, it seems solved for now. Perhaps it was a good thing to get it out in the open. Although I truly underestimated what was going on.

I did have work yesterday, which seemed like a breath of fresh air in a sense. I was surprised they even called me, since they never bothered to do so last week. I would like to hear more from them, but it's 9;15 am and I haven't gotten a cal, so I doubt they want me back in today, or they actually don't have enough work.

While there though, I did listen to a lot of music I thought I forgot about. Bands such as Symphony X and Edguy flooded my ears once again, and I was quite surprised I forgot half of the Hellfire Club album and what was on it.

I have also gotten all of those secret things done in those video games I had. Star Ocean is beaten fully, Final Fantasy 1 is done, Mega Man; Maverick Hunter X is beaten with both X and Vile. Now I have to set my focus back to my long forgotten PS2, so here's hoping there.

Did have a bit of a problem with my TV as well. Turns out I haven't had a remote for a few months. I wasn't too worried, seeing how I never watch much TV anyways. I then found out the channel up button doesn't work, so OK, it'll always be on channel 3. Then, the volume up button stopped working. Great. So I went out for a universal remote. Get back and I swear, I must have punched in 40 different codes and I got nothing. Tiffany tries about 25 more times and also gives up. I then go to my mom's who said she had one, but in the end, I just took her original remote, seeing how she doesn't have cable anyways. Works just fine, since it was the original remote anyways. Bonus points is that I can finally have the SNES and PS2 on separate connections again. One on the RF switch, the other on the RCA cables.

I also know that it is tax time around these parts, mostly because I got my T4 in. I really have to get that done, since I'm pretty sure I'm getting money from all sorts of places. I will probably just hand it off as I always do, but I may actually see what's going on for that. Although, I still need rent receipts from last year, so I will be sure to ask about those.

Another thing I need soon is a new computer. I mean,I've been typing away at this thing for over 4 years now. Two adapters and a lot of tape later, I believe it's time to replace the old thing. That, and the adapter I have is dieing yet again. Figures, this happened exactly the same way last time it was dieing, two years ago exactly. Either I'm not very good with adapters or the product itself isn't exactly very made. Not too sure, but like I said, I'd rather replace the computer than a part to a past it's prime computer.

As for today, with what seems like no work, I will probably head back out and get that remote returned that I bought. I wouldn't mind doing more exploring as well, seeing how I don't have much else to do. Although I don't need to pick up anything at the moment, seeing how I already did that.

Speaking of which, I picked up three DVD's the other day, Formula 51, Requiem for a Dream and Spun. You have to admit, that's a far cry from my usual CD pick ups. I have only watched Formula 51 so far, and at the moment I have no clue where Requiem for a Dream is. I'll ask Tiffany when she comes around again to help me find it.

But I believe I will be off yet again, and hopefully I won't slack off on these as bad as I have been lately.....
I'm getting pretty sick and tired of this. All the time, it's that. I'm useful for about three to four things it seems. Does anyone listen? Of course not. I can't say anything though, even though I really should. I just see myself losing, but maybe that's what it takes to finally start getting heard.

Not feeling a whole entry though, so I'll make it up to everyone tomorrow.
So I decided to dust this old thing off. I thought it was only three days ago that I updated, but it turns out it's been more than a week. It doesn't help that they got rid of the nice little reminder on the front page telling you when you last updated, so that threw me off horribly.

It would also help that every time I feel I wanted to jot my thoughts down, I'm nowhere near the computer, nor will I be anywhere near it in a recent enough time to want to care. Then when I am here I just have nothing of real importance to place in such a place. But I suppose I should give a somewhat update.

First off, I've been huge on the video games. Final Fantasy 1 has been the current obsession. I mostly wanted to see what the big deal was with the bonus dungeons. Turns out I literally had to beat the game to even attempt them. So, now that I have the game beaten (in record time I might add, 13 hours, when my last best time was 18) I have decided to go back and do the bonus dungeons. It's annoying because you have to do one of them 4 times to get everything, another one twice, one once (thank goodness, it's 40 floors) and I can't remember how many times the other one is needed to be done. It'll probably take me another week I bet, but I could be mistaken. I'll probably hit up Star Ocean's secret dungeon next, since I'm basically super powered at the moment.

Speaking of which, I picked up Mega Man X for the PSP as well during my absence from here. Granted, it wasn't hard, since I've beaten that game too many times to count, but now to beat it as Vile is a fucking pain in the ass. I haven't beaten a stage with him yet (excluding the intro level) so that will be another side project. Couple with the fact that Tony lent me Star Ocean II on PSP, and I'll be a very busy person. Although, after the side stuff, I'm hitting up Xenogears again. Damn that game gets no love from me.

Other than that, I finally received my first E.I. check. It was a little less than I thought it would be, but I'm really not complaining about free money. Now I have to find out how much I can make in a week before getting dinged for it. This is because they have been calling us in for work as well, which is awesome on its own, but with E.I. as well, why work more than a few shifts a week until it's full shifts again? We'll have to see there as well.

Pathfinder wise, I lived again. My goodness, I almost fell to the ground, but I was lucky to live. Thank goodness for healing. Although, half our team bit the dust. So I've seen nine characters die and two leave since this character started out. (which I figured out last night was nine sessions ago, a record for this group) It's also weird that this is only my second character for this campaign. Usually, I have a few by now, but I've been playing it smart lately (although I seem deathly allergic to sneak attacks) mostly because I have nearly everything that makes me near invincible. Hopefully I can keep that up, but we'll see.

Other than that, I'd really not want to mention much else, since I'm not really in a sharing mood about it. That, and I still feel kind of bad about it.

Also, sorry for the super nerdy post, it's what I felt like placing here for now. Seeing how I really didn't do a whole hell of a lot other than those things. Perhaps I'll go more in depth next time, and with less time in between a post.....